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We are so excited to have you on board with our exclusive list of super-parents. 

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Children are always curious & they love exploring. However, they are still learning to be organized and productive. That’s where Pamakid comes to play. Pamakid uses kid’s curiosity and exploration with our diverse library of fun & challenging tasks to find out their strengths. We use scientifically proven techniques of focus and productivity to help in making children more productive in the most fun way. 


You, as a super-parent, play a crucial role in your superkid’s overall growth strategy. We are developing the best family app and we need your help to customize it for your kids. Kid’s tasks will need to be approved by their parents. Some of our tasks might be fun to play together with kids.

so, We would like to request you for a short interview.


It would be valuable for us to make this platform more exclusive and better for your kids in the way you wish. Please expect an invitation for a short interview/talk.

Pamakid team wishes you a great great day!

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