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Tip and tricks for new parents

Becoming a parent is certainly one of the most life changing experiences. Every parent has been in a position of denial, euphoria and fear when it was their time to hold up to the responsibility of being a parent.

Following are some concrete tips for new-age parents

· Follow your gut

There will always be conflicting opinions coming from all sides. The best you can do is learn about both sides and decide what’s best for your family and what your gut tell you to do. Never feel guilty for taking an unknown path and not letting people know about it. You don’t have to explain your decisions to anyone.

Some decisions may be black or white, but most of those should be guided by parents’ priorities, experiences and values.

· Be kind to yourself

Accept and fully embrace the chaos and madness that parenthood brings with it because no one will remember a neat and tidy house, but you definitely will remember the fun memories made. Go for stroller walks- they are beneficial both for you and the baby.

· Adjust your expectations

Learn to be okay with everything being late after having kids. Prepare yourself for uncertainties and be more flexible with your expectations. The more peace you will make with your new life and role- as a parent and a co-parent, the calmer your days will become.

· Look out for opportunities to bond with your baby and make memories

Smile a lot. Stare at them a lot. Cherish every moment you spend with them. Children grow up too fast, and if you get into a habit of concerning yourself with every thing, you will end up missing out on several opportunities to enjoy moments and things that matter.

· Find your tribe

It is important to have a tribe of new parents. You can swap stories with them about this unique time, how they plan their kid’s meals and handle other chores.

Delegate tasks to willing family and friends. Take some time out for yourself to relax and bask in the glory of parenthood.

· Know that things will get easier

As exhausting as this phase can feel, it is just a phase. Parenting is hard but also gratifying at the same time.

Take one day at a time and let all the emotions that come with becoming a parent, penetrate.

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