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3 ways to be a positive parent

Positive parenting is an approach to raising children that aims to promote children’s optimal development. It concerns the activities of parenting that create a nurturing environment that will allow children to grow up healthy and responsible participants of a broader community

According to the book Positive Parenting by Rebecca Eanes.

The foundation of positive parenting rests on five principles: attachment, respect, proactive parenting, empathetic leadership, and positive discipline.

These five principles go hand in hand to both build a strong bond and to position you to be the effective leader your child needs to guide him through childhood.

Here are the ways you’re already doing positive parenting

1. Play with your kids.

You're filling your child's emotional tank and building your bond every time you sit on the floor and roll a train, pretend to operate a grocery store, play hide-and-seek, or play a board game.

Play is one of the quickest methods to connect with a child's heart. Positive parenting is built on the foundation of connection, and you're being a positive parent every time you play with your child!

2. Encourage them.

“You can do it!” says the narrator. You started saying it to the unsteady infant learning to walk, and you kept saying it to the senior in high school, and to the adult child holding her first child. You are your child's cheerleader, the one who sees and defends their brightness.

Empathy, respect, attachment, proactive parenting, and positive discipline all come under the umbrella of encouragement. It is life-giving, and you are already supplying it.

3. You teach them right from wrong.

You've already taught your youngster which behaviors are appropriate and acceptable. You address bad decisions and rectify erroneous mindsets. Most parents talk to their children about what they should have done differently or how to manage themselves better the next time. You're already teaching her the necessary skills, so you're far closer to positive discipline than you might believe.

While discipline is arguably the most difficult aspect of shifting to positive parenting, you're already doing a lot of things well!

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