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Cognitive development of children with Pamakid

Cognitive development refers to your child’s intellectual skills. It includes how they process information, their ability to understand concepts and express themselves. Cognitive development is one of the four major areas of a child’s holistic development, along with physical, emotional and social development.

The following are some examples of cognitive development in early childhood:

· Responding to their name

· Verbalizing their wants

· Recognizing and naming objects around them

· Obeying instructions

· Knowing their gender

· Listening to stories

· Reading

· Asking questions

These are just a few out of many milestones that you can help your child reach in their early childhood. Pamakid, the app, is designed exactly to cater to these wants of yours. You don’t have to worry about thinking of creative and interesting ideas to help your child develop their cognitive skills. Pamakid has listened to you and taken care of it. The app offers a large variety of tasks involving mathematical and logical games according to the child’s age. Thus, you should definitely begin using the app if you already haven’t!

How to improve cognitive skills in a child.

1.Reading- Develop reading habit in your child. It not only improves their vocabulary but also helps build their imagination and creativity.

2.Talking- Language is one of the most important aspects of cognitive development. Hence, it becomes your responsibility to speak to them about their ideas or how their day went.

3.Thinking games- Puzzles, creative and problem solving activities stimulate your child’s brain. Pamakid offers you a plethora of such games and activities.

4. Movement- It is an excellent idea for stimulating brain growth. Two minutes of physical activity can allow children to go on concentrating and finish the activity they were working on.


Make sure that you allow your child to explore different ways of problem solving. While you may want to provide some gentle guidance and encouragement, let them figure things out on their own. This may require some patience on your part, but it will definitely help them learn and understand.


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