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Do you know what your child’s strengths and weaknesses are?

If you are a parent, nothing makes you beam more than seeing your child happy. The spark in their eyes when they complete a mathematical puzzle on pamakid app and get reward points for it gives both you and them a sense of validation. Your child has the ability and the skillset to be the next path-breaking actor, a hilarious comedian or a wonderful painter. Hence, it is a responsibility on the parents’ shoulders to identify their kid’s strengths and weaknesses and pave the road for their future success while having fun along the way.

What are some types of strengths in kids?

1. Cognitive: A child with this strength is, by nature, inquisitive and curious about the world. They like to know things and approach solutions with empathy and thoughtfulness. New experiences don’t scare them away.

2.Language: Carefully observe and listen when your child is communicating an incident or thought to you. Are you able to follow their train of thought? Are they using strong vocabulary? What are their hand movements like? All of the above verbal and non-verbal cues help you understand if your child is a good communicator or not.

3.Math and logic: If solving puzzles, organizing objects and ability to arrange projects come naturally to your child, then they may exhibit strong math and logic strengths.

4.Social: How does your child interact with friends? How comfortable are they with their peers? If they listen to them carefully and put across their thoughts with no abandon, it means they possess strong social skills.

5.Literacy: Children with this skill express themselves the best by reading and writing, using their vivid imagination and memorable moments.

6.Creative: Does your child break into a dance anytime? Does music rule their world? Then their creativity is bursting and is looking for platforms to be showcased at. Which also means a plethora of opportunities waiting for them.

As a parent, these are the strengths that you can look out for in your child. They may surprise you with more than one type of strength or show you the potential of being better at a particular strength.

Pamakid can help you make this discovery about your child.

Pamakid app offers a wide variety of tasks in all the above mentioned areas. Be it language, cognitive development, math and others. It will help you understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses. And also give reward points based on their performance.

Jump start your kid’s career by being a member of pamakid and let your child have the time of their life!


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