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Here’s how you can develop a Growth Mindset in your child.

A concept that is crucial to parenting is Mindset. It is a term coined by Dr Carol Dweck where he explains that mindset can be classified into two types, fixed mindset and growth mindset.

Fixed mindset is when children believe that their skills, knowledge and abilities are unchangeable. In their mind, they are either good at something or not good at something- with no room for learning or improvement. “I am just not good at Social Studies” is an example of a fixed mindset where the child believes that they just cannot learn and get better at a particular subject.

Growth Mindset, on the other hand, is when a child believes that they are capable of improving, learning or unlearning things if they want to. They know that through hard work and perseverance they can achieve their desired results. Children with a growth mindset often attribute their achievements to effort not an innate quality.

A parent must always aim to raise their child with a growth mindset as it will allow children to not only feel confident about themselves but remain unfazed by failures and mistakes. Parents can do it through following ways:

  • Let them have their share of productive struggle. Build opportunities for them where children engage in productive struggle. Activities that require them to use their analytical and logical mind can be extremely helpful. They may face difficulties solving a particular puzzle but that is the whole point.

  • Pamakid is here to cater to all your requirements for those effective, challenging and productive activities. The app offers intelligent games and tasks that stimulate the child’s mind and really lets them operate their brain at its fullest potential.

  • Make them persistent. Of course, everything your child does will not be easy. They may find certain tasks to be challenging and not doable. In times like these, remember to acknowledge their efforts and praise them.

  • Do not let them say “I can’t do it.” Children are not very adamant to complete their tasks by virtue of their age and thus they may hold back from learning new concepts and material. Sit with them and ask, “What are you finding tough?” Try and help them reach a solution. But don’t let them give up just like that.

It’s important for parents also to have a growth mindset. Children replicate things that they see their parents do and grab on to many of their personality traits. Hence, when growing, evolving and learning comes naturally to parents, it gets rubbed off on children too.

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