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Holistic development of a child during the early years

Parents are constantly trying their best to support their child’s growth and development. Ideally, parents should not leave any aspect of their child’s personality behind and this is called Holistic Development. A child’s development as a whole- intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally, makes up Holistic Development. The main factor that affects child's development is the home and environment that the child is most subjected to.

While it is common for parents to intellectually develop their child during the early years, it is equally important to help them develop skills like:

· Confidence

· Social ability

· Emotional Intelligence

· Creativity

· Responsibility

· Compassion and empathy

This is why Holistic development is the key to learning in the early years of childhood. Pamakid caters to all the above skills and makes it super easy for parents to develop their child as a whole. The vast pool of tasks provided in the app help parents to assign tasks to their child ranging from empathy to entrepreneurship. It is truly a one stop destination for parents and kids.

Holistic development focuses on five aspects which are:

1. Personal and physical growth- Developing and growing motor skills. Engage your child in activities that will help them explore their motor skills like climbing, jumping or running.

2. Environmental values- Appreciating and being grateful for the world. Teach your child about the environment and how they should keep their surroundings clean.

3. Emotional Understanding- Communicating emotions in a healthy and clear fashion. Create awareness through books and stories for your child. As a parent, observe what your child’s emotional needs are.

4. Social skills- How to interact with others and improve behavior when communicating with the world. Practice actions like sharing, taking turns or enjoying a meal together.

5. Intellectual development- Cognitive and acquiring skills for learning. Active participation of your child is the best form of education. Make some time for them to play and learn.

When you plan any activity for your child, do it from a holistic point of view. For example, a family picnic is just not about an outing but involves a lot of learning also. It includes social interactions, your kid can help you plan the picnic, adding games and puzzles will add to their intellectual and gross motor development and spending time with the family is a great emotional activity for them.

Every parent should give holistic development a try. It may just help you explore and understand your child. Holistic development will help you balance parenting and raise an active learner too.


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