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How to make your child productive? pamakid app is here to help you.

Updated: May 6, 2021

Children may not be motivated to do what they’re supposed to do. Ever hopeful, parents (and teachers) may use various strategies to encourage them to get on task—sometimes to no avail. Indeed, a child might have one or more good reasons for not doing something.

According to a research done by positive psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in “Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life”.

If a child's skill level is high and the task is easy, that child will feel bored.
If a child's skill level is low and the task is hard, that child will feel anxiety & frustration.


If the tasks are challenging and fun, It keeps them engaged and kids learn naturally in the process.

so, this may have nothing to do with making “excuses” or executing wily, willful manipulations designed to drive parents mad!

so, What would be an optimal & best way to make the kids productive & interested in tasks and keep them engaging ?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Help kids develop a growth mindset.

  2. Encourage accountability.

  3. Pay attention to skill sets

  4. Believe in the child

  5. provide the best & productive tasks that stimulate overall growth. (you may check Pamakid for this)

Research suggests that,

'learning by doing is the most natural way of learning for kids.

Parents can facilitate some interesting and challenging "tasks" for kids. The incremental complexity in tasks will trigger a natural interest and growth in kids.

Pamakid app provides a huge library of diverse tasks from different fields. These tasks are incremental in complexity to keep the children engaging.

A child's span of attention is very short, the task library of Pamakid is made in a way that it creates the best learning experience for kids.

Pamakid app is focused on building the best productivity and habit builder tool to motivate kids and parents to come together and build a better future for the family.

We will release our app for limited and exclusive users. Please subscribe to the mailing list, If you are interested to join the exclusive list of testers for our solution.

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