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Inspire your kids with positive parenting, as a single parent.

In today’s world, a lot of men and women are deciding to be single parents and at times, it is the best thing to bring up the child in a happy and peaceful home. All parents want to give their child the best of everything from the right kind of values to healthy and productive habits. For the first six months, sleep is the biggest hurdle for any parent and single parents have to juggle work and childcare, which can be exhausting. Here are some tips that will help you be a happy single parent.

1. Set limits. Don’t let them be dependent on you for everything. From the time they start to sit up and play, show them how to put their toys back from where they took it. Or let them make their bed on their own. And to make your work easier, pamakid is here to your rescue. Here, you can find the day today tasks for your child that will make them responsible.

2. Always express love and appreciation for your child. Even after you scold them make sure you tell them where they were wrong and end it with a quality you love about them.

3. Quality time is the key. Take time out for your child and make them feel that they are the most important to you. No phones or computers are needed at this time.

4. Never forget to take care of yourself. Keep doing things that you do like exercise, read, work - go about your daily routine. Your child will learn from you.

5. Don’t feel guilty. You don’t have to buy them extravagant things to make up for being a single parent. Don’t spoil them.

6. Look for opportunities to be positive. Refrain from speaking negative about the opposite sex/ex-partner. As a single parent, what you say matters and always make sure the child respects and values the positive aspects of both sexes. Make your child a more empathetic being by using the pamakid app and its diverse number of tasks.

7. Take help from others. We all have family and good friends. Lean on them when you think you have to. Take advice from your support system.

8. If you are going to date, always put your child first. They should come before the person and consider how that person’s impact on your child will be.

9. Keep your financial worries away from the child. It’s okay to think about the stresses in your life, of which money is mostly the first. Make sure all your adult thoughts don’t affect your bonding with your child.

The tips above can help you become a confident, happy and successful single parent. You got this!


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