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Keep your kids motivated by this simple technique.

A common weapon against your child’s unsavory behavior is to have a reward system for them. A reward system relies on positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior among them. When a kid receives positive feedback for their good behavior, they enjoy it and want more of it. As a result of which they naturally gravitate towards performing tasks that will gain them extra brownie points.

Pamakid offers its users a wide variety of tasks from its library that your child can explore and learn from. And once they complete a task, they get reward points. This not only boosts their morale and confidence but also helps you, as a parent to understand what your child’s strengths and weaknesses are.

Let’s say, your kid has gained a certain number of reward points on pamakid, a goal that you had set for them. In that case you can take them to do the following things that can be fun and wholesome:

· Bike riding

· Go swimming

· Go out for ice cream

· Go to a movie

· Have a cousin sleepover

· Bowling

· Stay up little late for one night to play a game

A tip

You should not use toy or money as a reward. That can be another form of distraction for them and the purpose of having a reward system will get defeated.

When a parent is establishing a reward system for their child, they should pay close attention to some of the crucial elements like:

1. Focus on one behavior at a time. Don’t overwhelm your child by setting more than two reward systems for every corrected skill or behavior. When one behavior or skill is achieved and maintained, move on to the next one.

2. Use lots of positive praise. Tell your kid how awesome they are. A praise from you can do wonders for them and their confidence.

3. Involve children in the process. Ask them what they want to work for and discuss how their progress is.

4. Stay consistent. Children learn new skills and behaviors through repetition, so make sure that you stick to the reward system route once you begin it. Children will develop expectations and trust while they acquire new skills and desirable behaviors.

Make sure you explain to your child what a reward system is. They should know it is a positive strategy rather than a punishment.


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