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Let’s increase your child’s attention span.

As a parent, you must have asked your child “Can you stop playing with the pencil and get your homework done?” a dozen times while they are studying or may have used the word “Focus!” to bring them back from their imaginary world.

Your child’s attention span is elastic and if you are trying to strengthen their focus and concentration, then first you need to know what could be the plausible reasons for low concentration in children.

Let’s have a look:

· Lack of interest

· Easily distracted

· Appears to be daydreaming

· Inability to keep things organized

· Unable to sit in one place and maintain one train of thought

· Faces difficulty in following instructions

Having seen the causes of less attention span, here are a few techniques that will help improve concentration power and focus in children.

1. Play focus games and exercises to build attention. Children always learn by playing and doing things. Colorful visuals can entice them and keep them busy in a game. Pamakid is one app where your child can solve puzzles according to their age and ability. The app has something for children of all age groups.

2. Prepare a distraction free environment. Some children may function the best in a calm environment while others may thrive in an environment with a lot of hustle and bustle. Since every child is different, parents should be able to understand what kind of atmosphere your child prefers.

3. Fix a routine to follow for better concentration. Having a routine will not only help with time management but the child will know what it is that he has to do next in the day and for how long. Pamakid has tasks where your child learns to do daily things on their own. This will increase his concentration while studying because he would automatically get into the study mode once the play is done.

4. Naps and breaks boost concentration. A good nap of 30-45 minutes can improve the child’s concentration and help them focus better.

5. Understand your child’s method of learning. Some children process more information when they see it, some when they hear it and others when they practically perform it. When a parent realizes how their child learns and what works for them, it helps the child grasp the concept faster and in a detailed manner.

6. Allow time for distractions. Kids are, in general, energetic and exuberant. Their age is such that they try and understand the world on a daily basis and having varied thoughts is very common for them. Give them the time to vent out their energy once their time limit for a task is up. This will help them free their mind of all the distractions and they will move on to the next task with a clean slate. uses scientifically proven techniques of increasing your child’s attention span inturn providing a great platform to build a productive habit. Pamakid has a group of superparents using this app & techniques.

Register now, to become a member of this exclusive group to test the platform.

Concentration is more or less a skill. And like any skill, it can be improved and made automatic. The only trick is to be consistent.


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