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Reasons why having a routine is important for your child

To establish some kind of familiarity and sense of security for children, it is important for parents to have a certain routine. While change is a learning opportunity, a normal routine brings comfort and consistency to a child’s life.

Daily routines might include:

· The time to get ready in the morning

· Housework, cooking, cleaning schedules

· Play time, study time and family time

· Mealtimes and naptimes

Adding meaningful and important elements into your family life will make your child aware of what’s important.

Following are some reasons a daily routine is vital for your child.

1. Helps your child get on a schedule. Having a fixed time for their sleep and meals helps their body clocks with all the day to day activities. For example, because your child and their body know it’s time to sleep, they are easily able to be in their beds and rest without creating any ruckus.

2.Bonds the family together. When the child sees what it is that their family gives value to, they end up sharing the same values, beliefs and interests which strengthens the bond.

3.Creates a calmer environment. Because the child knows what to expect, stress and anxiety are reduced.

4. Establishes expectations. You don’t have to constantly keep telling your kid to pick their toys up after they are done playing. They know it because it’s a part of their routine.

5.Increases confidence and independence. With a routine, they will know when to brush their teeth and sit for their studies. They will take pride in knowing what they are supposed to do.

6. Helps you (the parent) remember important things. As a parent, you juggle a lot of things. Having a routine will help you take care of important activities like paying the bills every month.

7. Provides stability during times of stress or change. A change can impact the child and their sense of security, such as a divorce or addition of a new sibling. When there is a routine in a child’s life, normalcy is still present no matter what is going on. They find calmness and love in the elements of their routine.

To get started with building a routine for your child, Pamakid is strongly recommended by parents. It gets the kids in the rhythm of following some essential and basic routine activities through its fun and animated interface. You, as a parent, must definitely give it a try. It can make your life so much easier!


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