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Teach productivity & being independent to your child in a fun way with Pamakid app.

Parents tend to do too much for their kids. Things that you know your child is perfectly capable of doing or if you invest a little time in them you can make them learn those things. Habitually doing things for your child that they can do sends an inadvertent message that you don’t have confidence in their abilities. The outcome could be your child’s lacking confidence, self-esteem and problem-solving skills which could be a challenge for them in the long run when they will have to face the world. You don’t have to feel guilty for letting them do their tasks. Please realize that this is what practical parenting consists of.

Here are five tips to teach your kids to be more independent & productive:

1.Give Notice. Get your child on board by encouraging them to help you change. Tell them, “I have been treating you like a little kid when you are ready to do some big- kid jobs!” This will instill confidence in them that they are capable of doing more meaningful things.

2.Identify Opportunities. Your kid will be more willing to try things out with some creative ideas like introducing them to pamakid app where they will have super fun and interesting visuals that will give them motivation to do daily tasks like brushing their teeth, putting their toys back in place or doing some basic laundry. Pamakid also awards them points for completion of their tasks.

3.Target priorities. Don’t overwhelm them with too many tasks, tackle one item at a time.

4.Forget Perfection. Of course they wouldn’t be able to do the tasks as well as you. The idea is to get them started and assure that they are on the right track.

5.Praise Them. Pamakid helps you assess your child’s performance and give reward points. You can praise them for achieving a certain number of points and take them out for an ice cream once in a while.

Encourage your child’s problem-solving skills by getting them on pamakid and let them solve the various tasks assigned to them. There is nothing greater than practical exposure and you will see how well they emulate those skills in their daily life. Try to stay relaxed. You may find yourself in more messy beds or puddles of milk, but hearing them say, “I did it all by myself!” is so worth it.

Pamakid is build on scientifically proven techniques that helps in motivating kids to be productive in the most fun way.


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