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Teach your kids to be problem solvers.

Kids face a variety of problems every day, ranging from extracurricular to academic difficulties. Parents need to realize that after a year or two, your child will join school and will be away from you for a couple of hours, which will increase with their age. Thus, it becomes important to instill problem -solving skills in them from the very start so that they turn out to be confident people making their own decisions. A child may hit a peer who cuts in line in front of them because they are not sure what else to do. Or, they may not speak up against their bullies and leave the class because they can’t think of ways to make it stop.

Kids may feel overwhelmed when they are supposed to make a decision or address a problem. But if you incorporate some creative ways to help them be problem solvers, they will feel more confident in their ability to try.

Here are a few ways to problem-solving.

  • Don’t be a “Helicopter Parent”. Let your child make mistakes and try to keep the scrutiny away.

  • Encourage creative play. Make use of the pamakid app to help your child perform tasks that require enough challenge and imagination. The app offers a variety of such tasks.

  • Develop a few roadblocks into their experience. If there is a difficulty, don’t make it easy for them. Just make sure there is a solution possible.

  • Offer multiple potential solutions. Tell them that their problem has a couple of solutions and let them decide which one they feel most comfortable opting for.

  • Let them experience failure. Children learn only when they fail. So be willing to see them fail at some points.

  • Ask help from your children. Make sure they know that you value them as problem-solvers. “I don’t know how we are going to make this picnic happen. What do you think?” Your kid brainstorming will leave you surprised how creative they can be.

Having problem-solving skills will help your child to come up with interesting solutions without getting burdened by any pressure in their academic, professional and personal life. You can check out the pamakid app to start with your journey of making your kid a problem solver. The app will prove to be extremely resourceful for you.


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