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Every kid has their own uniquely engineered personalities which makes them lead their way of experiencing life. In “The Child Whisperer,” author Carol Tuttle acknowledges this fact and calls it an “energy profile your child was born with.

It is unimaginable to categorise kids into ONLY 4 types. As a parent, you might think it’s a crazy idea to categorise kids into one neat little box. Kids do have a mix of all these personalities and it is developing further, however; research shows that kids have a dominant type of energy profile as Tuttle calls it in her book.

Knowing the dominant energy of their child, parents can pave a path for the overall development of their child using Pamakid’s task tree and habit builder.

Here are the four types of children’s personalities:

As I said before, Although children can exhibit all four types of personality traits, one is usually more dominant.

Type 1: The Fun-Loving Child

The fun-loving child is bubbly, bright, and social. They are full of ideas and are playful and animated.

When they refuse to sit still or disturb you to express their thoughts, their energy may be seen as a flaw. Parents who see their children's charisma as a blessing rather than a weakness will help them develop into imaginative, happy adults.

If your child’s personality includes the following as a dominant element in their personality, they might be a The Fun-Loving child personality:

They are inquisitive and enjoy touching and exploring. They enjoy making noise, laughing, and playing. imaginative/creative, Eager to satisfy others–enjoys seeing others happy and, in particular, requires you to be happy.

PAMAKID’s library has 100s of tasks that help them convert their energy into skills. The fun-loving child enjoys social tasks or home chores which evolves other family members. They love getting praised for their ideas and Pamakid’s reward mechanism would encourage them to develop a productive habit that will convert their energy into a skill.

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Type 2: The Sensitive Child

The sensitive child has a natural calmness and easy-going personality. They are sometimes referred to as the family's "peacemaker" because they dislike confrontation & conflict.

The type 2 child is sensitive, and his or her feelings are still close to the surface. They are usually quieter, and they are always told to "speak louder" or "hurry up." They go about their business at their own pace.

When a parent asks their type 2 child to clean his room and returns 15 minutes later to find it still unfinished, they can become annoyed. It's easier to understand why your child does what they do when you know their inherent "sensitive" personality.

Some clues you might have a sensitive child: They have a built-in calm demeanor. They like to plan and that planning can sometimes take a long time. Type two children are worriers; they like to know what to expect in every situation so they can prepare for it.

PAMAKID’s library also contains a task tree that would be suitable for a sensitive kid’s personality. Pamakid’s habit builder can also be triggered to create some challenging tasks for a sensitive kid to bring their non-dominant side to work.

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Type 3: The Determined Child

The determined child is naturally more physical, active, and…stubborn. He or she was born with a drive to get things done, usually in their specific way. Type 3s are usually told to “calm down” or “stop being so demanding.”

You know you have a determined child if:

They have a strong will. They will pursue several big goals at once. Determined types are naturally active and adventurous—they are ready to go, do, and explore! Want to try leadership positions in school, home, or work. Self-motivated rather than motivated by others. Etc.

A determined child might not need to ask for much engagement from parents to try Pamakid’s library of tasks. They might be the ones jumping the task trees and try several ones and be enthusiastic about it. As a Parent, You would love to see their skillset grow productively.

As mentioned earlier;

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Type 4: The serious Child

The serious child is logical, independent, and focused. People always marvel at how “mature they are for their age.” They are the expert on many subjects and relish in excellence. The serious child has the skills to become a perfectionist.

Do you want to know if your kid is a serious type? Few personality traits are:

They are not as light and playful as other children. They can be pretty rigid and inflexible when it comes to doing things. He or she is an innate perfectionist. Their ideas for ways to make something better often come across as criticism.

One size fits all parenting style is not the most effective. Based on their personalities, kids can be mentored in a fun way to develop productive skills.

That’s why the Pamakid app is focused on building the best productivity and habit builder tool to motivate kids and parents to come together and build a better future for the family.

We will release our app for limited and exclusive users. Please subscribe to the mailing list, If you are interested to join the exclusive list of testers for our solution.


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