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What your parenting style is and how you can improve it.

Your parenting style is an extremely vital component in the upbringing of your child. It is important that your style of parenting supports nourished development and growth. Researchers have discovered the four major styles of parenting. Each style takes a different approach to raising children. Let’s understand what each of them are.

1. Authoritarian Parenting

Authoritarian parents’ attitude can mostly be described as “My way or the highway.” They believe that children are not supposed to ask questions or reasons behind a rule that might be imposed on them. They do not let their kids indulge in problem solving or experimenting. Instead, they make rules and enforce the consequences. Children raised with an authoritarian parenting approach are more likely to develop self-esteem issues because their opinions aren’t valued.

2. Authoritative Parenting

You put a lot of effort in building a healthy and positive relationship with your child. Not that you don’t enforce rules and regulations on them, but you take your child’s feelings into consideration. Authoritative parents invest time and energy into incorporating positive discipline strategies in their child’s life like praise and reward system to ensure good behavior. Researchers have found that authoritative parents’ children are most likely to become responsible and comfortable in expressing their opinions.

3. Permissive Parenting

Permissive parents are more like a friend to their child than parents. They believe that their kid will learn and develop the best with little interference from them. They are lenient and don’t act upon their child’s mischief. Rather their attitude is “Kids will be kids.” Children who are raised under permissive style of parenting tend to struggle academically. They are also at a higher risk of health related problems.

4. Uninvolved Parenting

As the name suggests, uninvolved parents have little knowledge of what their child is doing at home or in school. They don’t devote time or energy to make conversation with their child. It could be because they have time consuming jobs or they don’t understand anything about a child’s development. Children with uninvolved parents are likely to struggle with self-esteem issues.

Moving toward the Authoritative style

How to enforce rules and be a strict parent while also communicating emotional support?

1. Take every opportunity to convey your love and support to your child. Praise them for every task they do well and if it is not done the right way, explain them with politeness. This will not only help them learn better but also strengthen your bond with them.

2. Set limits and be consistent with your discipline. Know how much freedom is required at their age and if they rebel, communicate. There is no way to solve problems other than communication.

3. Make time for your kids. As busy as you are, spend some quality time with them. Ask them how their day has been or what new things they learnt at school today.

A word

With dedication and commitment you can be the best parent. Nobody is perfect and it is okay to make mistakes. But make sure you reflect upon them and over time, your child will reap the benefits of your authoritative style.


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